Compostable Bin Bags

compostable bin bags, Custom, OEM

Product Details

Due to overwhelming requests from our customers, we are pleased to be able to offer you our full range of certified compostable bin liners.


Each roll includes 25 compostable bin bags

100% GMO free renewable plant based compostable bags

Palm oil free

Superior puncture and tear resistance

Available in 4 sizes (8L 30L 36L and 60L)

8L measures 35.5cm long x 41cm wide/14in long x 16in wide

30L measures 57cm long x 51cm wide/22in long x 20in wide

36L measures 65cm long x 56cm wide/25.5in long x 22in wide

60L measures 80cm long x 65cm wide/31in long x 25.5in wide

100% Certified Compostable to Australian, US, European standards

Deemed “worm safe” with no micro-plastics residue left behind

Free from sulphates, petrochemicals, and parabens

Please note: While we strongly encourage going without any form of bin liner (including those made from newspaper), we have had many requests for a better bin liner solution than what is currently widely available on the market, and understand there are those who have a need for a more sustainable bin liner.


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