Compostable Large Caddy Bags

Custom Compostable Large Caddy Bags are available in a range of sizes including 5L, 60L, 140L and 240L.​

Product Details

These Larger 13 litre Compostable Bags are made out of starch, are PLASTIC FREE, are fully compostable and are perfect for lining larger kitchen caddies and / or small pedal bins. When full, use the tie handles to close the bag and keep bad odours in. This bag is certified 100% compostable and will break down completely, so if it is full of vegetable / organic waste, it can be safely added to your home composter or kerbside organic waste bin. Do not put non-organic waste into a composter or the organic waste collection system, but it is safe to place then in your wheely bin where they will break down in landfill. Each bag measures 60cm x 42.5cm, holds 13 litres and come in a roll containing 10 bags.

Also available - Our Compostable Bags are available in a range of sizes including 5L, 60L, 140L and 240L.
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