Durable T-Shirt Grocery Bags

Durable T-Shirt Grocery Bags

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Durable T-Shirt Grocery Bags

DURABLE T-SHIRT GROCERY BAGS - 12 inches width, 6 ½ inches gusset width, and 22 inches height , or custom sizes of  these biodegradable bags with targeted shelf life ensure that you carry all the stuff you want to with ease and without worrying about the space you have available. Avoid excessive heat, store Compostable Bags in a cool, dry place and used within two year of purchase.

We support OEM Service, and we produce customized bags include:
1. Shopping Bags, Check-out Bags, Singlet Bags, T-Shirt bags.

2. T-Shirt Bags on Roll

3, Produce Bags on roll,  Fruit and Vegetable Bags on Roll, Vegetable Bags

4, Bin Liner, Garbage Bags, Trash Bags

5, Pet Waste Bags, Dog Poop Bags

6, Aprons without Sleeve and etc.

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