Break the packaging of thinking new directions for innovation development of the packaging industry

- Aug 12, 2016-

Active and intelligent packaging food and drink's two biggest markets, whose demand accounted for more than half the total market demand. It is understood that the food and beverage market's growth in the next few years will reach more than two digits, and the drug market will maintain a fast growth. Food Network of partners understood that expected United States packing industry on active and intelligent packaging requirements will be increased to $ 1.9 billion in 2013, annual or 8.3%. this thanks to Oxygen Scavenger in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical packaging applications. Due to the market demand for low-cost single-layer oxygen system is strong, so the amount of disposable bottles of juice and tea will achieve rapid growth. However, with the emergence of more mature products and applications, market demand for corrosion control and temperature control packaging's growth rate will slow.

There is no doubt that active intelligent packaging growth will become faster, and will in time temperature indicators (TTIs) and other active intelligent packaging systems, driven by achieving leaping development. It is understood that the emerging of many active intelligent packaging can at the most reasonable prices enhance the level of product differentiation and the provision of track and a variety of interactive features.