Garbage bags are far too common, especially in cities is generally

- Aug 12, 2016-

Everyone wants to eat some snacks with the skin, and teach everyone to break a small trash bag method, not easy to maintain the health and also environmental, Oh! because materials used only one of the 16 flyer first spread the 16 open advocacy of Shan Ping, and then folded in half and then folded up and down, left and right fold and then folded around and then open.
So that you can fold up and down like tiling, take the next left and right fold line, angle, the Qi Zhong lines is the same on the other side, inside corner. It folded after two corners, fold up corners under the part out. Also on the other side, along the fold in the opposite direction, and then completely open along the folded paper marks, corners bent inward, folded within another angle to align and then tiles well.
So that you can see that there are four sides, we take one side to fold in the Middle, on the other side, too, had to turn to fold and then the last one too, then along the fold outwards just now printed, folded up. Reverse fold of the hills. So this is the finished product.