Garbage bags of green design and selection of trash bags in a variety of ways

- Aug 12, 2016-

"First of all, eco-friendly design concept, more and more enterprises. Select a garbage bag: first buy "thick" because thick garbage bag not breaking, bouncy, more garbage, so as to use less plastic bags next to garbage bags by two, one is the flat bottom, one is the octagonal base. Garbage bags of flat-bottom design, large capacity. End of octagonal point force load and stronger;; third callout to use high strength pure new PE material, recycled bag than only two more access, more pliable and durable is not easy to break.
In addition to the continuous research and development of new technologies, we hope to cultivate their broader environmental, consumers can use garbage bags of different colors to implementation of waste separation and storage, you can put black kitchen, used for storing recyclable waste; the living room and den on pink, used for storing recyclables. So classified garbage saves money and green, you can properly recycle reuse. We also hope to respond to the Government, and further training, education, penetrating consumer "classification" advanced the concept of environmental protection. "