Garbage bags wholesale increases of the pros and cons

- Aug 12, 2016-

Daily shopping plastic bags most of the plastic garbage bag is made from oil, because of the large number, resulting in a waste of resources, environmental pollution is very alarming. Plastic bag buried underground would take about 200 years to decay, and seriously contaminated soils if incineration methods, you can produce harmful fumes and toxic gases, pollution of the environment for a long time. China to buy food every day to spend 1 billion plastic bags and other plastic bags consumption at more than 2 billion a day. Beijing wasted 2.3 billion plastic bags each year, waste plastics packaging waste generated 140,000 tons, accounting for 3% of the entire solid waste. Shanghai waste plastics packaging waste generated 190,000 tons every year, accounting for 7% of the total garbage. Tianjin annually more than 100,000 tons of waste plastics packaging waste. Mall Gift bags major is not biodegradable, if used as a garbage bag, will seriously harm the environment. My plant specialized in the production of various specifications, all kinds of garbage bags, with high, medium and low quality garbage bags. Currently has many domestic brands provide OEM OEM business, has accumulated a lot of experience with OEM OEM, such as OEM manufacturer of OEM business requirements can contact the factory, our factory can provide the specifications for garbage bags OEM design, production and market research in the early selling data, laying a solid foundation for your brand popular.