Implementation of the purpose and significance of the classification of garbage bags garbage bags

- Aug 12, 2016-

Implementing the purpose and significance of the classification of garbage bags of garbage bags. Mainly refers to the use of special waste collection bags for waste collection, storage, use a special seal to closed transport vehicles a waste collection and transportation. Garbage bags is a new concept of waste management, to get rid of garbage in the collection, storage and transport of "secondary pollution" effectively eliminate "four pests" breeding conditions, reduce the spread of disease and protect people's health, enhance public awareness of environmental awareness, health and civilization.
Leading wide area all administrative departments, enterprises, schools, gardens, families building homes, neighborhoods, residential areas, markets, various locations and "village in city", produced during the production process of solid waste (construction waste piled up construction Administrative Department requires transportation to a designated place; scientific, medical, slaughter, biological products unit produces toxic, Harmful garbage by produced this class garbage of units or delegate disposal of units strictly by national about provides transport to specifically of garbage processing factory for harmless of processing), are must with owned garbage container and dedicated garbage bags, will produced of life garbage loaded bags sealed, in provides of time paragraph, by specified of locations, concentrated put to garbage container or garbage collection vehicles within, ban anywhere put.