Reasonable use of plastic garbage bags

- Aug 12, 2016-

Reuse plastic bags: using several strong plastic bag, and put the bags in your bag, carry-on, which can bring their own bags when shopping for refusing to use the stores plastic bags. Reuse plastic bags easy to carry (which can be placed in a small bag or Pocket! ), And bring in a few more, you can buy a lot of things, and can be divided into, and therefore will not cause inconvenience to life. Dirty plastic bags for trash (or wash after use) and clear plastic bags can be reused several times.
Use reusable green bags: usually carry their own bags, count how many plastic bags you use, take a look! Think about you or how many plastic bags consumed this week? These methods tell you friends and family, make more people to make a contribution. If you have to buy eggs, fragile things, you can select Wicker baskets, environmentally friendly and fashionable.