Thickening garbage bags if consumers

- Aug 12, 2016-

Recent reports said thick garbage bag, just a business to advertise on the gimmick did not actually solve the problem, Leonora bought times-thickening of the public garbage bags, was directed at its firmness, but found that after using "thickening" is not how much thicker than ordinary garbage bag, and would no longer be "thickening" the word flickers. However, ordinary plastic garbage bags is too thin, use a little inattentive, bag is easy to break.
Because trash bags is too thin, people create their own "bait bag", "shopping bags instead of" trick. In this regard, the Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the international food packaging Association Dong Jin Shi had said in an interview, the current market selling garbage bags less than 0.01 mm thick, its thin, only 0.005 mm, once again after use it is difficult to use, as easy to break, was often a "mangy bag bag" situation, resulting in waste and increased pollution. In addition, the "shopping bags instead of" approach is not to be encouraged, because shopping bags typically 0.025 mm thick, and garbage bags don't actually need such a thick, heavy bag instead of garbage bags undoubtedly consumes more oil resources, has also created more waste.