China's Environmental Protection Industry Entered The Green And Golden Age

- Aug 12, 2016-

Average annual growth rate of China's environmental protection industry is close to 18% above, environmental services industry growth rate is as high as 30%. Furthermore, 60% market for environmental governance requirements have not been excavated. Expected by 2020, the environmental protection industry output will reach 3.7 trillion yuan, environmental services revenues will reach 1.3 trillion yuan. Policy and funding under the dual-drive, energy saving concept gradually low carbon power.
China's environmental protection industry in the "Thirteen-Five" there is a very large market space to release, the size of the market will soon catch up with the United States to become the world's largest market. It can be said that a new "green gold age" is upon us.
According to estimates, with air, water and soil pollution prevention plan three full implementation over the next 5 years of environmental investment in China will increase to around 2 trillion yuan a year, promoting environmental protection industry has become a new pillar industry and new economic growth points.
Environmental pillar strength grows, and support national policy are inextricably linked. Improved with the introduction of environmental laws, standards, the strengthening of anti-corruption efforts, really green time opening, "technical school" enterprise of spring, "" era into governance over time.