Garbage Bag Is Small But Has Brought To Our Clean And Tidy

- Aug 12, 2016-

Trash bags are mainly made of plastic, and plastic is derived from petroleum, and garbage bags buried in the ground to about 200 years to decay, and seriously contaminated soils if incineration methods, you can produce harmful fumes and toxic gases, pollution of the environment for a long time.
Many countries and regions have banned or restricted plastic bags. United States San Francisco City Council by banning supermarkets, drug stores and other retailers use a plastic bag Bill. In Los Angeles and other cities, the Government began launching plastic bag recycling activities. Canada, and Australia, and Brazil has been disabled in some parts of the country such as plastic shopping bags, or compensation for the use of the provision.
In addition to the continuous research and development of new technology, consumers can use garbage bags of different colors to implementation of waste separation and storage, you can put black kitchen, used for storing recyclable waste; the living room and den on pink, used for storing recyclables. So classified garbage saves money and green, you can properly recycle reuse.