How Can Small Ways To Reduce Plastic Bag Use

- Aug 12, 2016-

1, reusable plastic bags: using several strong plastic bag, and put the bags in your bag, carry-on, which can bring their own bags when shopping for refusing to use the stores plastic bags. Reuse plastic bags easy to carry (which can be placed in a small bag or Pocket! ), And bring in a few more, you can buy a lot of things, and can be divided into, and therefore will not cause inconvenience to life. Dirty plastic bags for trash (or wash after use) and clear plastic bags can be reused several times.

2, refusing plastic bags: under normal circumstances, the cashier is often mechanically, packaging and receipt. They didn't have time to ask the customer if they need plastic bags. If you do not need, you don't have to accept plastic bags, such as when purchasing yogurt, beverages, medicines or other small items.