Low-carbon Travel Green Consumption

- Aug 12, 2016-

With the development of environmental protection being nationals of some countries, "bone marrow", environmental protection is not just a slogan, but as a life philosophy and life go hand in hand throughout the practice.
If Korea Tourism, locals who would feel the most "low-carbon holiday." Sorak Mountain Watch Mountain red "Feng Jing", flat no shadow of a car on the highway, you see a constant stream of visitors walking calmly. Deep in the area, no matter how steep valleys, no trace of the aerial tramway. This is not management or tourism facilities strictly is not complete, but intentionally to reduce environmental pollution. To this end, Korea's tourism sector also made special mention of "low carbon", "green area" requirement. The so-called "green area", that is, tourists in the area, will be prohibited from driving inside; the play process, to bring their own garbage bag, and scenic spots in the "picnic".